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connectionRemember we've the COVID-19 Pandemic,Remember Your job Is Not Secured, Remember We're In Technology Industry.The whole world is Shifted Towards Technology. How is Technology Changing The World Today?
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Toward Money Making Online Secret and :

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  2. Your future are determined by the above choices.
  3. PRO-LIFE - allows you to experience success, prosperity, romantic love, psychuous pleasures, long-range happiness.
  4. Ant-Life - leads to unhappiness, boredom, destructiveness anxiety, failure
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    3. Reverse Inflation
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    # Traditional Jobs Modern Jobs
    1 Envious of others for their achievements, success, happine! Envy-free.
    2 Desires the destruction, distribution, or leveling of the wealth, happiness, and well-being earned by others. Produces ,tradeable values. Desires a life of achievements and happiness for self and others.
    3 Fears freedom, independence, and competition,
    follows powerless boss and etc..
    Seek freedom, independence, and competion.
    Rejects following powerless boss
    4 Unhappy with life. Only interludes of short-term happiness. Happy with life. Only interludes of short-term sadness
    5 Life is viewed as unhappy and people as inherently destructive, wicked, or sinful. Life is viewed as naturally happy, beautiful, exciting. People are viewed as inherently good, valuable, productive.
    6 Emotionally and physically experiences life with increasing unhappiness and lethargy. Experiences life with increasing joy and intensity.

    MAKE A Volitional Choice Today

    1. A = Achieving Personal Power, Prosperity, Happiness.
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    3. C = Achieving Biological Immortality in our lifetime.
    4. A + B = C Commercial biological immortality. The formula is A + B = C